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Mind-state training using brainwave (EEG) biofeedback

Everyone has their own concept of stress. Most people relate stress to the experience of anxiety and depression, easy fatigability or chronic exhaustion. Most people cope most of the time with the everyday demands of life, but we can do better than just cope....

Stress management – in pursuit of performance

The simplest way to consider the benefits of stress management is this:  as stress is reduced, performance is increased. If you consider that everything we do is a performance, including activities of the mind such as thinking and problem-solving, activities of the body...

Sleep – another performance

Three cornerstones of health
The three cornerstones of health are: nutrition, exercise and sleep. When it comes to assessing sleep it is most useful to consider it in terms of a performance, or set of performances...

Weight loss – The key to health

The single most important health issue facing western society today is weight. Many chronic conditions respond better to treatment if weight is at a personal optimum. It is appropriate therefore that general practice gives priority to weight loss.

The right foods for you

For many people diet is determined by their illness: diabetes, coeliac disease, coronary artery disease. Such conditions are generally well managed by assessment and advice from a dietitian.

The truth about fructose

Many weight-loss programs focus on eating fat-free foods. But fat is not the only culprit in weight gain. One of the worst foods for weight gain is food that contains sucrose and fructose.

Water – not just for plants

Although most of us take it for granted, water may be the only true ‘magic potion' for a wide range of health problems such as fluid retention, constipation and permanent weight loss.