The truth about fructose

Many weight-loss programs focus on eating fat-free foods. But fat is not the only culprit in weight gain. One of the worst foods for weight gain is food that contains sucrose and fructose. 

Sucrose and fructose are universally used by the food industry as natural sweeteners in a wide range of foods. Read the labels and avoid them. Sucrose is 50% glucose which is good, and 50% fructose which is very very very bad. Its effect on the liver is possibly as bad as alcohol. 

Soft drinks are basically expensive sugar and water, sometimes with added caffeine to create an addiction. Corn syrup is high in fructose. Avoid it! Fruit juice is high in fructose. Avoid it! ?Or at least dilute it with water. 

Sugar is sucrose. It is added to many processed foods. Avoid it! Fructose aggravates gout by increasing uric acid levels. So if you have noticed that high intakes of sugary fruit such as citrus fruits or grapes cause aches and pains in your joints, now you know why! 

Fructose is often promoted as a diabetic-friendly food because of its low glycemic index. For example, some diabetic jams are sweetened with fructose. While indeed it has a low glycemic index, fructose should still be avoided because of its essentially toxic effects. 

If you eliminate fructose from your diet your insulin levels will fall and leptin, the hormone that switches off hunger, will increase. Therefore you will stop eating when your hunger is satisfied. 

With obesity now on the national agenda, fructose should be off the list. 

Based on: Interview with Dr Robert Lustig, Professor of Pediatric Endocrinology, University of California, San Francisco. Presenter: Norman Swan, Radio National, The Health Report: The Obesity Epidemic