Weight loss – the key to health

The single most important health issue facing western society today is weight. Many chronic conditions respond better to treatment if weight is at a personal optimum. It is appropriate therefore that general practice gives priority to weight loss. 

With the introduction of the practice nurse as a provider of health care in general practice it is feasible to do this in a practical way. Exercise and weight loss are the keys to a healthy body. Integral to achieving this aim is proper nutrition and clarity of mental functioning. A good starting point is a simple measurement of your weight and fat percentage, and setting real and achievable goals. 

Beyond the monitoring and control of measurable items such as weight and fat percentage, cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure, the issue of physical fitness and wellbeing can be addressed from a mind-body perspective. 

Our comprehensive range of biofeedback services can address a wide variety of health issues. One such issue is weight loss. Biofeedback is a valuable tool for weight loss where mental functioning is concerned, including motivation, stress factors and self-image. Biofeedback can help you change deep-seated behaviour patterns to help you achieve and maintain your optimal weight.