Stress management – in pursuit of performance

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The simplest way to consider the benefits of stress management is this:  as stress is reduced, performance is increased. If you consider that everything we do is a performance, including activities of the mind such as thinking and problem-solving, activities of the body such as running and playing games, and activities of the mind-body such as sleeping, then it makes sense to address whatever factors stress the mind-body in pursuit of its optimal performance.

Physical stress management

The most obvious stress-reduction for the body is through proper nutrition, and by extension through exercise and weight loss. This may also include short- or long-term nutritional supplementation. Matching nutrition to personal needs is a central part of stress management, for both mind and body performance improvement.

Mental stress management

Meditation is the best-known technique for refining mental performance. Meditation can take many forms: through movement (e.g. Tai Chi), through breathwork (e.g. Yoga), through chanting or repeating an internal mantra (e.g. Transcendental Meditation), through physical exercise and martial arts.

Performance enhancement

At Ballarat Mind-Body Medicine the method offered for mind performance enhancement is computer based using a form of biofeedback, and has a clinical focus using counselling to address issues such as anxiety, depression, sleep disorder (insomnia), anger management and other indicators of performance imbalance.

Quality of life

As you get better at handling your stresses, your performance improves, and your quality of life is enhanced.