Tomatis® Method


The Tomatis® Method addresses auditory processing issues. The Tomatis® Method is based on the relationship between the ear and the voice, between listening and communication. 

The Tomatis® Method works by retraining the ear and re-patterning the nervous system with a sophisticated device called the 'electronic ear'. The electronic ear was designed by Dr Tomatis, a French ear nose & throat (ENT) physician, while working with opera singers whose voice had deteriorated. He discovered that the voice can only reproduce what the ear can hear. The Tomatis® Method uses listening to specially selected music through sophisticated earphones as a therapeutic method to address a range of conditions. 

Music is medicine for the body, the mind and the soul.


The goals of the Tomatis® Method are to awaken the desire to communicate, learn, and embrace life. What makes Tomatis® so unique is its approach to the ear's fundamental role in language, physical, psychological and social development.


Use your voice to boost your brain

This award-winning technology enhances learning and language skills.

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