Meet our Team


Dr Rodney Allen – GP

Dr Rodney Allen (MBBS, FRACGP, M.PSYCH.MED., DipRCOG, GradCert in Couple Therapy) joined our team in May 2016. Dr Allen has many years of experience as a general practitioner with a special interest in mental health. He has a Masters degree in Psychological Medicine (UNSW).

In the 1980s, Dr Allen established his own private practice in New South Wales, starting with one doctor and building it up to a five-doctor practice. During this time he was also involved with teaching medical students, and recently re-trained as a Registrar Supervisor. He ran this practice for 18 years and left to commence a separate counseling practice, where he worked until his move to Victoria.

He is working closely with our mental health nurse, Jodie. Their combined resources significantly strengthen our mental health team. Dr Allen brings many other GP skills to our practice and we are looking forward to a long and happy working relationship with him.

Reagan, RN – Practice Nurse

With over 30 years nursing experience, including 14 years in private practice, Reagan brings a wealth of experience to our practice. She provides professional support to doctors and patients. Therapeutic patient care services and treatments include provision of health assessments, chronic disease management, diabetes management, asthma management, spirometry, heart health checks, and other areas of health advice. Through preventive measures a range of high-quality services are accessed that will improve health outcomes for our patients. Our diabetes educator nurse visits on a regular basis to assess and educate eligible patients about diabetes.

Jodie Bridges, RN – Mental Health Nurse

Jodie takes a holistic approach to working with her clients to obtain their health goals. She is a credentialed mental health nurse and has extensive experience in community and in-patient settings both in Australia and the UK. Jodie works collaboratively with Dr Allen in providing assistance to people experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. She offers stress management and mental health assessments and assists Dr Allen in developing treatment plans. Jodie provides ongoing  basic counselling, monitoring, support and education to patients. She has an uplifting personality and provides high-quality treatment and care to people experiencing mental health issues.

Lynne McDonald, MA – Tomatis® Practitioner


Lynne is a registered Tomatis® Practitioner and works with the Solisten system of auditory processing, which complements her therapeutic work with people and children from all walks of life. Lynne is a trainer and counsellor with interpersonal, communication and leadership skills. As a trainer she believes in creating a love of learning and facilitating the ability to learn independently. As a counsellor she enjoys facilitating clients' growth to help them achieve their full potential, and to set and achieve individual goals through a realistic plan of action. Lynne has a Masters Degree in Counselling, a Diploma of Advanced Family Therapy and Systems Therapy, and a Graduate Diploma in Special Education.

Kevin Harper – Laser Therapy

Kevin Harper provides laser therapy for pain relief. Low level (cold) laser therapy improves tissue repair and reduces pain and inflammation without side effects. Kevin served with the Royal Army Medical Corps in the UK and overseas before coming to Australia where he joined Bell Radiology. Since joining the team at Menssana, Kevin has been working with the world-leading Anne Penman Laser Academy, based in Glasgow, Scotland.  Kevin also holds a number of not-for-profit Board positions including Ballarat Hospice Care inc.

Dr Chris Corcos – Consultant Psychiatrist


Dr Chris Corcos (MBBS, FRANZCP) has worked as a consultant general adult psychiatrist for over 16 years in a variety of settings including public, private, forensic, inpatient and community. He has special interest in holistic medicine, nutrition, personality disorder (better termed Complex Trauma) and the psychotherapies. Chris considers that the education of health and mental health practitioners, clients, carers and the wider community, in the basics of mental health, mental illness and paths to healing, is one of his life’s purposes. Chris currently visits Menssana on a monthly basis on Thursdays.

Melinda Tant – Practice Manager

Melinda 2016 cropped

Melinda has a passion for health, healing and nutrition, which inspired her initial successful career as a chef. Melinda holds an Advanced Diploma of Business (Sales & Marketing) and is a member of Australian Association of Practice Managers (AAPM) and Australian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM). She was a board member of the Chris Millar Foundation for Integrative Medicine since inception. Melinda is enthusiastic about keeping Chris’ vision alive and taking Menssana Mindbody Medicine into the future of healthcare in Australia. 

Soni Stecker – Business Manager

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Together with her late husband Dr Chris Millar, Soni established Menssana Mindbody Medicine in 2005 as Ballarat Mind-Body Medicine. She gave up her thriving freelance editing business to become Practice Manager in 2006. Soni has a Masters degree in Psychology and a long-standing interest in complementary and integrative medicine and mind-body healing. Now working offsite, Soni continues to have an integral role at Menssana, upholding the legacy of Dr Chris Millar.

Mira Turner – Nutritionist

Mira Turner holds a Bachelor of Nutritional Medicine and is passionate about assisting people throughout all stages of their lives through offering nutritional and lifestyle advice, education and support. Mira's holistic, natural and preventive approach aligns with Menssana's philosophy and complements our non-drug solutions to health and wellbeing. Mira has interests in digestive health, immune function, cardiovascular health, stress, inflammatory conditions, and healthy ageing. Mira is available once a month on Wednesdays.